I Heard If You Go to a Chiropractor You Have to Go Forever?


I heard if you don’t want your teeth to fall out you have to brush them everyday… forever! I heard if you want to keep your physical fitness you have to exercise 3 days a week… forever. I heard that if you want to stay healthy you have to eat right, 3 meals a day, forever. When do you stop maintaining your car? It’s a hunk of metal that will be thrown away in 10 years. You only have one human body. If you don’t take care of it, where will you live? Most people who don’t see chiropractors are used to seeing their medical doctor only 1 visit. They get a prescription and that is it. Chiropractic is not about taking drugs to alleviate symptoms. It is about the health and well being of the most important structure in your body–the spine and what it protects, your nervous system. Chiropractic patients usually choose to ‘get adjusted’ once a month forever because they have been in pain before and they much prefer the way they feel when they are adjusted. Whether you are seeking relief or wellness, we will respect your decision and honour your goals.

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